Monday 9 February 2009

Beer in beer

The other weekend myself and the lovely Lisa went to Devon to stay with her sister
. She live down in Colyton which is conveniently close to the excellently named village of Beer, a pretty fishing village. According to the village's website there are various theories as to how it got the name beer. Sadly the drink isn't mentioned though the old Anglo-Saxon word for barley Bere is. 

But tenuous link or not I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to drink beer in Beer. We popped in to the Anchor Inn where despite the fact it's a Greene King pub we managed to have pint of the locally brewed Otter Ale. Perhaps it was how the beer was kept, or perhaps it was because I was still recovering from the previous day's drinking but the beer didn't seem up to much. Sitting in a beer garden in Beer (does that make it a Beer beer garden?) having a beer still managed to make me grin inanely though. It's good to be easily amused. 

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