Thursday 12 March 2009

Beer and food

Just about every other person blahing on about beer feels the need to mention beer and food matching so here's a great combination I had in the Old Mitre last night:

The hop bitterness of the beer cut through the pork lardiness of the pie. Or something.

To be honest I find all this 'matching food and beer' guff a load of garbage. People have been going on about it for quite a while now and the amount of words written on it shows no signs of abating. But despite all this I've seen no evidence at all that it's taking off and a good job too. As far as I'm concerned it's an unwanted attempt to bring wine culture into beer drinking. Food should be scoffed down so you can then get on with the serious business of drinking not dragged out endlessly so beer bores can play at being wine snobs.  


  1. An excellent point (and pairing)

    I say stop pontificating and get the pint down your neck. I'm not entirely averse to food with beer I enjoy a pickled egg or bag of crisps with my pint as much as the next person!