Friday 8 May 2009

New Brew

I put another brew on yesterday. The lovely Lisa had requested St Austell Tribute so hopefully it will be similar.

Tribute has a pretty simple recipe and they're quite open with the ingredients they use.

The grist was:
5.6kg Pale malt (Maris otter)
840g Munich malt (or Cornish gold as St Austell call it)

The wort was split into two batches:

The main batch had 75g of Fuggles hops added at the start of the boil and 30g of Styrian goldings added ten minutes from the end. It will also be dry hopped with Styrian goldings at the conditioning stage. Tribute actually has Willamette hops as well but I thought this would do.

The smaller one was a Radical brewing inspired hop free beer for my humulophobic brother. I was trying to flavour this with pine. I added 25g of new green shoots from last year's Christmas tree to the boil for this. I don't think it actually worked though, as I couldn't really detect any pine flavour in the wort. I may have to add a squirt from the toilet duck before bottling to get that pine fresh taste. 

For the main batch I got 23 litres at an Og of 1.047,
For the small batch 5 litres at 1.079

The yeast was cultured from Hop Back Summer Lightning

Hops - a good thing to add to beer

Trees - not a good thing to add to beer

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