Tuesday 8 September 2009

Things getting worse for Scots

I recently posted about new laws in Scotland sending them back towards the dark ages for drinking.

It seems the new laws mean that Sainsbury's in Scotland are barely taking part in their excellent beer competition, despite the fact nearly half the beers in it are from Scottish breweries.

This comment is from the Brewdog brewery's blog:

Ok bad news for the Scots. :-( I was in my local store and they knew nothing about it. SO i phoned Sainburries on 0800 636 262 where i have just spent 30+ minutes finding out whats going on. They blame the new scottish legislation (as of the 1st of this month) banning the displaying of Alcohol outwith the Wines and spirits Section. Meaning that there is no place to display the new beers. I managed to get them to find out if anywhere in scotland has the brew dog beers and there is ONE store in all of scotland. Olympia in East Kilbride. SO unless you want to drive out there. All the Scots are out of luck on this one :-(. But do feel free to phone up and enquire maybe then they can be persuaded to change there mind in future

A mate of mine in Glasgow said when the smoking ban came in that it would the drinkers they'd turn on next. Sadly he's been proved right. I wonder how long before this crap heads South of the border?

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