Sunday 27 June 2010

World Cup beer sweepstake - Brazil

I drew Brazil in the World Cup sweepstake. Normally this would be a cause for celebration, but this is no ordinary sweepstake. This is the World Cup beer sweepstake. To enter I had to track down a Brazilian beer and blog about it. 

Wonderful country though I'm sure it is Brazil is not a great beer nation. I couldn't think of any Brazilian beers that I 'd heard of, and a quick google later I found out that Skol is one of the most popular brands. This was not looking good. 

Next I had a look in The World's Best Beers . A few lager breweries are mentioned, including one that makes a weizenbock but what are my chances of finding any of them? I took the opportunity provided by a trip to the Lake District to peruse the selection of foreign beers in Booths. Wide though the selection was, there was nothing from Brazil.

I decided I'd have to order something over the internet. There are a few beers I've been meaning to get hold of so hopefully I could add a Brazilian beer to an order of more interesting stuff. Looking at the Beers of Europe website I saw they sold two Brazilian beers, but only one was in stock. At least that made the decision easy: Brahma beer, a pale lager, it was then.  

My order arrived promptly and in amongst the delights from the States and Belgium was a bottle of what looked suspiciously like gnat's piss. 

Right, so now I'd got the beer how best to drink it? As a man of culture, I'm not really into football, preferring the arts and science. But I thought I should try and get into the spirit of things and drink like a footie fan. 

From what I can gather this mainly involves going down the pub in your countries football strip but I could hardly bring my own beer and I didn't have a Brazilian football top. Still, not to be deterred I resolved to do the best I could at home. Brazil's colours seemed to be yellow and green so I had a rummage in my wardrobe. My thai boxing club have some lairy yellow shorts and I have a green T shirt so I put those on. 

Sadly despite my best efforts it wasn't very convincing. So I had my pubes waxed. Surely I'd now had the full Brazilian experience. 

Next I need to find a football match to watch. I saw I'd just missed a Brazil match and the other matches weren't really at good times. So I decided to watch the tennis instead. It's all people chasing after a ball so it's not really that different is it? I settled down with my bottle of Brahma beer, delighted to see that it came in a clear bottle. Instead of having an ordinary crappy lager I could be treated to a light struck crappy lager. Oh what joy. 

The beer poured the colour of urine with a gentle hint of nothingness on the nose. There was no real taste and it was cold and a bit fizzy.  I was right in saying that Brazil is not a great beer nation. But I've done my bit to enter the sweepstake, and Brazil is a great footballing nation, so here's wishing them every success! 


  1. Haha, good post! There will need to be some kind of proof of this Brazilian though (didn't I mention a 'no lying' clause to all the posts?!).

    This is a beer which needs lime in, like Corona. Drink it without and you are forced to experience what it actually tastes like.

    As a side note, Brazil apparently have a couple of decent craft breweries now, they are just really difficult to get hold of anywhere outside of the UK!

  2. Are you sure you want proof of the Brazilian?!?

  3. More pictures of pretty Brazilian ladies, please, Ed.

  4. This is a site for sober discussion on such important topics as what beer I've drunk over the weekend. Posting pics of fit women and my freshly waxed groin would surely be going against the whole ethos of the internet.