Saturday 17 July 2010

Tonbridge beer festival

I called in briefly at Tonbridge beer festival yesterday. Though organised by SIBA it had much the look of a CAMRA festival, except the glasses weren't oversized. Probably just as well as I was driving. 

It was pretty empty, but then we did get there early in order to hear the competition results being announced. I bumped into the Munton's sales rep who'd been involved in the judging and had a gossip with him. We didn't win anything though, so it looks like a change of malt supplier will be in order...


  1. Beer festivals are always going to look similar, I should think. How many different ways to stillage casks are there?

  2. Wait to you see the SIBA North/CAMRA one in Manchester in October. That'll look different. More details on my blog soon.

  3. The 'CAMRA look' doesn't bother me at all, but as it's one of the many things I've seen people whinge on about online I thought it was worth pointing out that non-CAMRA festivals look just the same too.

    Though I am interested to see what the new look will be like...

  4. I helped to man the CAMRA stand at the festival yesterday evening (Saturday). The place was buzzing nicely, with a good mix of people. Quite a few of the beers had run out, and although I was unable to attend today, I reckon with the good weather that most of the beers will have gone by now.
    Was a good venue for a festival, with a good selection of beers to boot.

  5. I've heard sales were great, and there was a good range on offer.