Monday 27 September 2010

You say hello, I say goodbye

"Twats". That's what the lovely Lisa said after reading the tag on the bottle of Punk IPA I'd just bought. 

It's basically a rehash of the Arrogant Bastard Ale inspired blurb found on the bottle. Not being as decisive as the lovely Lisa I found it amusing the first time I read it, but like a lot of brewdog stuff it does grate a bit now.  

I suppose the problem is that if you're going to act like arrogant bastards then people will think you're twats. 

Does it help with sales? As brewdog are selling the stuff as fast as they can make it I guess it does, but I don't think Lisa will be buying any in a hurry. 


  1. It always surprises me that they don't get more flack from within the beer world for just copying Stone. I know Stone and Brewdog are close friends etc ... but even so.


  2. As Damien Hirst put it:
    "we were a generation where we didn't have any shame about stealing other people's ideas. You call it a tribute"
    It's just part of that whole thang. Rather old-hat now of course.

  3. All Hail Lisa,

    My response too.It cost them a sale.Cutting my nose maybe but marketing wank of this order in brewing violates the spirit in which beer is drunk.

    Tom B

  4. Take the advice. Put it back on the shelf. Buying it only encourages them.