Wednesday 17 November 2010

We've won something!

For the first time we have won a brewing industry competition.

Was it for the wonderful beers I make? No, it was for a pump clip which I didn't design. I did have some minor input into how it looks though, and it was me that took the trouble to send in the competition entry.  

Oh well, apparently we're going to get a trophy, which will be nice.  


  1. 'any udder bitter'.....REALLY? Seriously though, congrats on the award......but REALLY!? ;-D

  2. Congratulations Ed, a fine pumpclip to go with a fine beer!

  3. Everything bar the pun gets a big thumbs up, excellent designed clip. But the pun? Pull the udder one.

    Whatever gets the target audience drinking it I guess...

  4. I was worried that having the word 'old' with pictures of cows and a pun put us dangerously close to appearing on 'pump clip parade' but seeing as we've just won something it's probably for the best I'm not in charge of design!

  5. At least you didn't say 'It'll go down a teat'.