Thursday 23 December 2010

Victory is mine!

I've won a prize in the Protz Shield competition over at Shut Up About Barclay Perkins.

The competition was to "Find a piece of made-up, innaccurate or generally bollocky beer history writing and send it in...The Protz Shield is for British writers"

I nominated beer writer Ben McFarland for the some of the things I ranted on about here and here.

I would to thank Ron for picking my entry, the lovely Lisa for buying me "The World's Best Beers" but most of all I'd like to thank Ben McFarland for not letting the facts get in the way of a good story and making my entry possible.


  1. Hello brewers, that this Christmas will bring much happiness to all and many beers ...
    Happy Christmas ...........

  2. Ben is a former (twice) Beer Writer of the Year. That says a lot I think.

  3. It does really, you'd expect better from someone who's been Beer Writer of the year. I mean there's no doubt that he can write well but it doesn't take much to get basic facts right.

  4. I read lots of stuff by beer writers that I disagree with. Being beer writer of the year is about being good at writing about beer. Many very good writers fail to get the facts right and there is no reason to suspect that beer writers should be any different in that respect.

    It would be simply impossible for the 4 judges to check the facts of every entry.

    Mind you, that doesn't mean that Ben, or any other beer writer, shouldn't be pulled up for errors. It's good that this sort of critique is carried out.

  5. Ben McFarland is definitely a good writer but as someone who's won specialist beer writing awards you would expect him to get his basic facts right.