Wednesday 19 January 2011

European Tax Rates on Beer

Following the news that government is trying to stop the frightful oiks drinking those ghastly drinks they do by bringing in minimum alcohol pricing I was quite surprised to see that some tosser was actually claiming that we have a very low rate of tax on alcohol.

Being a dedicated beer nerd I happen to have to hand some facts from Charlie Bamforth's latest book that says otherwise:

Tax rates on beer in Europe, April 2009 (pence per pint):

Finland: 61.74
Ireland: 51.99
UK: 45.89
Sweden: 43.15
Denmark: 19.42
Slovenia: 17.95
Netherlands: 17.08
Italy: 14.76
Estonia: 12.88
Austria: 12.56
Cyprus: 12.51
Hungary: 11.12
Belgium: 10.74
Slovakia: 10.36
Poland: 9.46
Greece: 8.54
France: 6.91
Lithuania: 6.44
Spain: 5.71
Czech: 5.55
Latvia: 5.35
Luxembourg: 4.98
Germany: 4.94
Bulgaria: 4.82
Malta: 4.71
Romania: 4.15


  1. And the BBPA came up with the startling figure that the UK, even though it has only 12% of the population, and isn't the biggest beer-drinking country, pays 40% of all the beer duty in the EU.

  2. Makes me feel justified about moving to Germany. :)

  3. Strewth, we pay more in beer duty than Sweden!!