Friday 30 December 2011

AK 1911 - one from Ron

Back in the Summer I started making plans to brew a beer to an historic recipe featured on Ron Pattinson's blog. Things didn't go entirely to plan but undeterred we persevered and now the beer has been released into the wild.
It's a pale beer with a hint of honey-like sweetness balanced by the spicy bitterness of Goldings hops. Ron can now be happy that AK has been revived, and if you want to try it you can even buy it online.


  1. Good stuff: I bought a bottle-the last one? from Liquid Pleasure in Tenterden before Christmas.Plan to go back to stock up tomorrow.Dunno if I can afford to buy any wine there though-rather stratospheric.Is it going out in cask?

  2. David: It has been out in cask but that was before xmas, the pub finder on the website is now working if your want to see which pubs we're in.

    Kristen: Thanks for the work on the recipes you do with Ron, I really enjoyed making this beer.