Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Wild, wild hops

Working as a brewer in a hop growing area has its advantages. A local retired hop farmer has taken to cultivating in small quantities a promising looking wild hop he found, and he's let us have some. Because hops are normally grown from cuttings all new hops grown from seed are new varieties. As the farm is just over the border at Northiam this hop has been called The Sussex Hop.

We made a single hop beer with shed loads of the hop. It's got an interesting fruity flavour, with hints of citrus and vanilla. Being in Kent we didn't use the word Sussex in the beer name, deciding to call it Wild Hop. The last firkin will be on sale at the Egham Beer festival this week, so all the more reason to go.

I myself have taken the precaution of already having some at The Crown, but fear not if you can't make Egham, there will be more made.

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