Tuesday 15 May 2012

Pottering about in Puttenham

After the excitement of looking through the Wye archives I went to see some Surrey hops the next day.

First we went to Badshot Lea to have a look at where hop grower Peckham Williams' estate, Badshot Place, used to be. It's houses now.

Then we popped to Puttenham, home of the last hop ground in Surrey. The sat nav got some strange ideas but I decided to 'continue off road' wasn't for me. Fortunately after our slight detour we spotted the unmistakable sight of  a field of  hops.

Sadly no Whitebines, these are Fuggles:

Then it was on to the Good Intent. A cracking pub and look what they have on the wall:

Yes, it's a scuppet! It was even better on the ceiling: 

It doesn't get much more exciting than that.

The nearby hop kilns (now housing) were good too:

Here's the scores for the Good Intent.

A high score for the Good Intent but I'm still not entirely happy with my mate Jim's scientific scoring system. I feel like I've been given the SOP but not had the training. I may well need to go on one of his Good Beer Guide ticking expeditions.


  1. Scuppet - what a great word. Next time "words ending in -pet" comes up on Pointless I'll be ready.

  2. It's is indeed an excellent word. I leart it off Dave at work who still spends some time working in hop gardens. He recently spent a day twiddling