Thursday 2 August 2012

Getting wankered with weegies

I was up in Glasgow for a wedding recently and met up with some friends the day before for some refreshments. We left our salubrious accommodation...

(which I hope it wouldn't be too ostentatious to mention came complete with a Corby trouser press and everything).

... and got the bus into town, getting off early in time to encounter an unexpected sound of drumming.

It sounded suspiciously like a samba band to me, which risked setting off my samba related PTSD

but, you know, it all looked quite interesting

and there were certain attractions.

The big blue bloke has his own website.

We started drinking in the Horseshoe, which was a bit busy, before moving on to the Pot Still.

We thought this was a cracking pub and it started totting up the points when we scored it:

Sign: yes,
Building/decor: yes,
Beer range: yes (well, for Scotland)
Beer quality: yes,
Staff: yes,
Atmosphere: yes (they were even playing Blue Öyster Cult when we arrived)
Beard or weird: no,
Special feature: yes,
Loos: yes,
Local?: yes.

A very impressive 9 out of 10. It was only missing out on the beard or weird when the bearded barman wearing a kilt walked back in, which scored on both points if you ask me, and gave the pub a perfect 10.

I did feel this may be a little excessive but the lovely Lisa pointed out it's scientific and you can't argue with that.

I was not on best form when it came to the wedding the next day and having a friend that had come equipped with two hip flasks only helped slightly, the port was OK but one taste reminded me that whisky is still minging. When we got to the reception I was presented with a dilemma as free beer was available but it was from brewdog.

I've been boycotting them for about a year now since they spouted lies about CAMRA and slagged off the beers at the GBBF, which included one of mine.

I started with a glass of fizzy but after a brief discussion decided that I may as well drink the beer, after all brewdog wouldn't be getting any of my money. I later learned that my getting married mate had got the beer cheap from brewdog, as they've never supplied beer for a wedding and gave him a discount on condition he sends some pictures. It seems that brewdog aren't complete twats, but as I've just seen they're still trying to squeeze mileage out of telling lies about CAMRA the boycott is back on.

Once the brewdog had run out it was cans of Guinness, and that was it for me and beer in Scotland as I couldn't face the midges that no doubt lurked in the countryside so we went on to Yorkshire the next day for the rest of our holiday. 


  1. Some of what they spout is hilarious but its getting a bit old now. Still, I wouldn't deny myself decent beer, without their online shop I'd be very beereft out here.

    I missed out on the Pot Still when last in Glasgow, need to rectify that next time!

  2. I can't say I've suffered not drinking brewdog, but then I hardly ever order beer online.