Tuesday, 29 January 2013

There could be trouble ahead

Always keen on drinking, I mean networking, I went to the IBD AGM at Fuller's yesterday.

The main event was some talks on a recent study tour of Belgium, from which I learnt some fascinating facts, like Cantillon's beers now cost £6.50 for a small bottle and Stella has a lagering period of two days.

The lovely Lisa, who knows stuff about beer that isn't even boring, came along and was diligent in extending her practical and theoretical knowledge of beer. It was with the former that disaster struck. Plied with Vintage Ale by a Fuller's brewing big cheese she developed a taste for it.

 No sooner had we got home after the evenings hard studying when she dived into one of the beer cupboards and started rummaging around with my Vintage Ale collection.

 The next thing I knew a selection of my carefully stashed beers were up on the counter and my Winter drinking plans were in disarray. Perhaps it's time I invested in a padlock...