Friday 20 September 2013

Turning to the dark side

Soon after we discovered the delights of Oakham Ales Citra and Scarlet Macaw they started being discounted at our local Waitrose. Now Waitrose isn't the cheapest of supermarkets, but 20% off made all the difference, which lead to us drinking rather a lot of them.

Great beers packed full of citrussy foreign hops, the shopping bag was regularly bulging with bottles of them, but there did come a time in our guzzleathon when I'd really had enough. Much as I like hoppy beers there is a point when I reach my limit. After the light jazzy notes of new world hops I needed something deeper and darker. It was time to turn to the dark side.

The rich roasty sweetness of Fuller's London Porter did the trick. It was gorgeous.

And handily enough now Waitrose have stopped discounting Oakham they've started discounting the London Porter. I'll probably start going off it due to over consumption next though. Despite being fond of pale hoppy beers and dark malty beers I still think brown bitters were the most drinkable.


  1. Fuller's Porter, discounted in Waitrose! Thanks for the tip-off Ed, I'll head down there later and pick up a few (or more!) bottles.

  2. Hmm, do you not find that all Oakham's beers pretty much taste the same? Nice labels on the bottles, though. And the Mansion House in Kennington is good, too.

    And of course it's the Porter season. Just look at the weather....

  3. I must admit after I picked up some Oakham JHB and Inferno from Morrisons I did think all their beers seem to be the same idea, though they do it well.

    We had a brief outbreak of Summer again this evening but it's definitely time for something darker, though we mostly call it ESB season.