Monday, 23 December 2013

The Spirit of Broadside

Though I'm not much of a spirit drinker I was curious to try Spirit of Broadside when I saw it. Made from distilled beer and matured in oak casks for a year before bottling it's an eau de vie de biere. The boiling with hops part of beer making seems a bit wasteful for something you're going to distill anyway, but I have to say as a beer drinker it did make it more interesting to me.

 Sadly that fact I very seldom drink spirits was telling when it came to the tasting. I found it as rough as a badger's arse, so to be fair to Adnams I'll add that a whisky drinking friend seemed to enjoy it and said it was "spicy" and "fruity".


  1. One year isn't very long to mature a spirit - Scotch gets at least 3 by law.

  2. Yes, and I did wonder if that had affected my perception of the taste, though I don't think so. The other thing I wondered is is there a law stopping English or Welsh whisky companies calling a spirit whisky before three years maturation? Producers seem to be sticking to that but the Scotch Whisky Act is very specific to Scotland and I don't know if there are laws for England and Wales or not.