Thursday, 13 March 2014

Little big boots

I was back in Borough on Saturday for a Brewery History Society committee meeting. I've been asked if I can take over arranging their visits. This is a slightly daunting prospect as despite his diminutive size my predecesor will be leaving some rather large shoes for me to fill when he steps down. In fact there's absolutely no chance I'll be able to plan things as well as him when I take over, but with my current job I am well placed for brewery contacts so hopefully I can make a good go of it. 

The meeting was in a room they have upstairs at the Rake. Who'd have thought the Rake has a meeting room? You do actually have go outside and in another door to get to it, but I think it's actually over the bar. Speaking of which after working my way along the handpumps I didn't find anything particularly inspiring so we wandered on to the Market Porter where Bingham's Bricks and Mortar was on excellent form and kept me happy until it was time to stagger home.

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