Wednesday 9 April 2014

A visit to Greene King brewery

I went Greene King brewery the other week. They'd kindly agreed to host a meeting at short notice and used the opportunity to show off their new microbrewey. 

We were shown round after a very interesting talk from Musk, the people that built the kit.

But  I have to say my eyes kept wandering to the old copper stuff.

We weren't shown much of the old brewery but we did get shown one particular part. Can you guess what's coming? Look down the end there.

That's it, the 5X vats.

I finally got to see them. I also got to see their new cartoonish craft beers, which I must admit made me think that they really don't get it. But with a heritage like they have I don't really get why they're trying to appear to be something they're not anyway.


  1. I visited Greene King about 25 years ago; back when their beers were relatively novel in Kent, (oh how times change!). A fine traditional brewery, with the main brew house re-built in the 1930's, in art-deco style. Unlike you, we didn't get to see the 5X vats, but back in the 1980's the beer was confined to the company's own pubs, and was virtually unknown elsewhere.

    I also wonder why the likes of GK, Brains, Sheps etc are all trying to jump on the craft-beer wagon, when they've got plenty of pedigree of their own.

  2. I thought Sheps did it better with their Double Stout and Brilliant Ale empahsising the history (even if it's only as inspiration) rather than getting someone to draw cartoon labels.