Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The don't re-brand 'em like they used to

When I recently found an old GBBF programme from '96 I couldn't help but think how much the world has changed as I flicked through it. 

Many of the breweries have gone of course, for this was back in the day when breweries seemed to close more than open, and beer strength was given as Original Gravity as well as ABV.

But it was an advert for Arkells re-branded bitter that really caught my eye. In a bold stroke of marketing genius they'd gone from calling it '2B' to 'Bitter'.  I wonder how long it took the marketing department to come up with that one?


  1. the quiet revolution against all this craft nonsense is when we the customer stop asking for beer by brand and return to just asking for bitter, lager or mild. If asked which one, only say "best" or "cheapest".

    Then generic best bitter will return.

  2. Quite right. When I was last in a Jennings pub I realised it's very rare that I can just go up to be bar and ask for pint of bitter.