Tuesday 24 March 2015

A Sensory Scientist Talks About Beer

Well, not just beer but Dr Joanne Hort is the SAB Miller Chair of Sensory Science and Head of Brewing Science at Nottingham University so she talks about beer quite a lot in her inaugral lecture:

The production values aren't brilliant and as I said it's not all about beer, but there are some real gems in there, particularly about carbonation. It seems in highly hopped beers high carbonation lowers the bitterness, and a dislike of highly carbonated beers could be due to genetic reasons. And moral superiority of course, though strangely she doesn't mention that in the talk, perhaps it was edited out.  


  1. That does sound interesting but I wish I could just read it -- attended one lecture at university and didn't cotton to absorbing information through my ears at all. I'll maybe force myself to give it a go later.

  2. Tx for the post. V interesting