Thursday, 23 June 2016

Beer Writers' AGM

I went to the British Guild of Beer Writers AGM last night. Unfortunately the committee don't stictch everything up in advance like in the IBD so actual business had to be discussed, and even a contested election held.

On the plus side there was free beer, and I think Greene King may finally have cracked making hoppy beer as the Mighty Moose IPA was really rather good.

During part of the business there was an impressive rant from a 'proper' writer sat at the front about bloggers: "no expertise, no intelligence...write complete and utter shit...vacuous...and charge £200". If only I thought.

Speaking of bloggers I continued the excellent run I've been having this year of meeting up with fellow internet beer nerds by saying hello to Glyn and finally getting to chat to Paul Bailey. I also got to hear Matt Curtis explain what he meant about ethics, which was basically that you're kidding yourself if you think anyone is unbiased, rather than ethics is old hat which is what he seemed to be saying on his blog.

As I'm off to the Carnivale Brettanomyces today I didn't make the most of the free beer and left at a respectable time. I've a suspicion Amsterdam will not be as respectable.


  1. It was good to finally meet you in person, last night Ed, and to talk with you about your past and present brewing experiences. I will look out for you at future Guild events.



  2. Perhaps along with ethics the poor man doesn't know what bias means. Arguing to find a result in favour of your own interests muddies these things.

    1. But Alan - that's basically what all of us *are* doing.

      Good to see you Ed, catch you at another event soon no doubt.