Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Top 10 Beer Blogs

Back when I were a lad, and where twitter is was all fields, there was a blog ranking site called Wikio. I didn't really get what the point of blog ranking was, but it seemed popular with my fellow beer nerds, and anything that links to my site sounds good to me, so I signed up.

I had no idea how they worked out the ranking, and sometimes they changed it anyway, causing abrupt changes in position out of proportion to any changes made to the blog. This didn't go down well with people who'd seen their rank fall and interest in the ranking system declined. The site was then re-branded as ebuzzing before even the people behind it had had enough and gave up the ghost. I was never that taken with it anyway (no, I never made the top 20).
I was however interested by a recent email about a new beer blog ranking site. Now you may think it's another random and arbitrary selection, hurriedly made up by someone with little understanding of beer culture. But you would be completely wrong: I'm in the top 10. Admittedly, the list only goes down to 10, and the selection does seem a little odd, but it's clearly a highly significant and objective ranking that absolutely accurately reflects the importance of this blog and gives it the recognition it deserves. 


  1. Thought you might like this:

    1. Sounds great! Can't wait to see an English version.

    2. Me too, I hope it's accurate, I sent it to Ron so hopefully there might be a review. An old bavarian weissbier in English was posted on his site which I might try in december.

      Any luck with the wild yeast?

    3. Not going great to be honest. I plated it out, isolated three likely looking colonies and grew them up in wort but none gave good results. I've also been serially top cropping and re-pitching from the original fermentation to see if I can select for something better. So far I get something like beer but slightly sour, phenolic and very solventy.

  2. Sour, phenolic and solventy? Get it on sale to the hipsters lad. It'll rush out.

  3. Personally I find that beer blog ranking site a complete pile of sh!te, but that may be because they don't include me in their top 10... I get 500 to 1,000 hits a day, and frankly I don't believe many other beer bloggers do.