Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Mercer's Meat Stout

Some details of the intriguing Mercer's Meat Stout are mentioned in the latest issue of the Brewery History Society newsletter:
"The Whitbread archive contained an analysis of the Meat Stout. The brew of 80 barrels at 1056°OG contained: one hundred weight and 92 pounds of meat extract, caramel from Boakes, Roberts & Co of London, along with five malts, flaked maize and other sugars. A further 45lbs of extract was added to the fermentation stage"
For those looking to introduce bovril into their brewing I make that 7g/l in the copper and 1.5g/l in the FV, which for a five gallon (23L) batch is nearly 200g (seven ounces) in total.


  1. I'd never drink that because it was probably fined with isinglass.

    1. Thanks! I did think about mentioning isinglass in the post but couldn't work out how to crowbar something in!

    2. :)

      "That meat extract beer isn't made to style!!"

    3. Over the last couple of weeks I have enjoyed a pint or three of meat stout made using the original Mercers Meat stout recipe!