Sunday, 1 July 2018

Coping with the CO2 crisis

As someone who not only drinks in the ways of righteousness but has extensive stocks of beer at home I've not been worried by the current shortage of CO2 in Europe. The good lord saw fit to make the production and serving of beer perfectly possible without the use of CO2 and god's chosen representatives on earth have taken the opportunity to re-state this point.This did, perhaps predictably, lead to howls of outrage from twerps on twitter but I care not one jot.

Though in these ecumenical times the denigration of other, lesser, types of beer is now prohibited this should not prevent the veneration of the one true living beer. The shortage of CO2 provides a good opportunity to to reflect on how god intended beer to be made and remember the importance of letting real ale into your life. And mouth.

No extraneous CO2 was used in the production or serving of these beers

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