Saturday, 17 November 2018

Crisp's new malt sacks a great innovation

Crisp Maltings have started sending out their malt in new sacks that are opened with a tear off strip.

I've been in two minds about them myself. No more cutting the string and teasing out the thread, but the strips sometimes snag and the sacks are smaller, making them more difficult to handle when opened. And you lose the satisfaction of a job well done when in a moment of zen calm you pull the thread out:

Om mani padme hum. Or should that be nam myoho renge kyo?

I don't like being stuck in a limbo of indecision. So as the ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas I decided go with the current fascination for The People's Will and determine if the sacks were good or bad by a twitter poll:
The results came in with a resounding victory for them being a great innovation. The margin of two to one being an even bigger mandate than the previous biggest mandate ever of 52:48. So nice one Crisp, I look forward to using your sacks again and I shall not give another though to the redundancy of my carefully acquired string removal skills and the loss of job satisfaction.


  1. But what about the bag-sewing-uppers? Out on the street? Where's the solidarity?

    1. It's The People's Will. To go against it would be the greatest act of betrayal since Judas. Or Quisling or something.