Sunday, 7 July 2019

A visit to Weihenstephan brewery

After the pilot plant it was on to the production facility at Weihenstephan. It's an old abbey brewery secularised in 1803. It claims to be the oldest brewery in the world, dating back to 1040, though I have my suspicion as claims like that tend to be based on flimsy evidence.

The brew length is 300 hl and they brew six to nine times a day, producing 450,000 hl annually.

They mash in at 60°C and carry out two decoctions. The wheat beer is made with 60% wheat.

The production is 70% wheat beer, 20% helles and 10% 'others'.

The yeast is used for three generations.

There were more refreshments afterwards, I don't seem to have any notes for that bit though. 

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