Tuesday, 9 March 2021

A visit to Wadworth brewery

As there's not much to be done in the way of brewery visits at the moment I've decided to dig through my archives and post some pictures I've been too slack to upload before. Here's Wadworth brewery from a few years back

I'm sure that's an MDC song

As most of the breweries I've worked in have been cramped I'm always impressed when I see old breweries with lots of space. There'll usually be a room full of old crap but sometimes you get two separate brewhouses, with the old one seldom or never used. Here's the old mash tun:

Open fermenters:

Old open Copper:

Steam engine:

New brewhouse:

The had a cooperage too. The cooper had left but one of the draymen had been a cooper so still did some wor

And they had a pilot plant:

Nice lab too: 

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