Friday 3 April 2009

Is CAMRA starting to crack on CO2?

Another interesting titbit has in What's Brewing has caught my eye. Amongst the motions for debate being put before the next AGM is this one from the Wessex region:

"This conference agrees that the ban on beers served from casks with cask breathers being listed in the Good Beer Guide is removed."

Is this the first crack in CAMRA's absolute opposition to any form of added CO2?

I remember when the debate about cask breathers was first raging within CAMRA and the arguments against were clearly bollocks. I'm sure some people were damanding the cellars of pubs in the Good Beer Guide should be inspected to ensure no cask breathers were present because you couldn't tell by tasting the beer. I thought if the beer tastes the same then what's the problem? Though I must admit I did have a sneaking respect for the level of fundamentalist mentalism being displayed I don't suppose it did much for CAMRA's image.

Whether this motion is passed remains to be seen but it's one to watch out for.


  1. Ed, they've been on crack for a while now. Lets all hope that Proper Real Keg makes it to the pages of The Good Beer Guide.

  2. Once a cask breather has been fitted, then I guess technically it's proper real keg?

  3. "fundamentalist mentalism"

    There's some terminology I need to remember ;)

  4. Even though it comes out of a bottle I would prefer co2 filling up the space in a barrel, rather than some of the nasties that fly around some of these cellars. And yes it does change the taste of the beer it makes it taste "fresher" and the side effect it keeps for longer. These guys would agree with you.