Monday 13 April 2009

The Watermill Inn in Ings

Me and the lovely Lisa went to the Lake District for Easter. Our first stop on leaving the motorway was to call in at the Watermill Inn in Ings. This is a big pub with a real emphasis on beer which has it's own seven barrel brewery too. 

Here's a picture of the brewery from a window in one of the bars.

Their own beers have a dog theme to their name so we tried 'Isle of Dogs' (4.5%) a pale and hoppy one and Bit'er Ruff (4.1%) which was a bit darker and a bit less hoppy but otherwise pretty similar. As is often the case I found myself preferring the stronger one. 

The Watermill were having a beer festival over the bank holiday weekend but it was too far from where we were staying to get to without having to drive which would defeat the object really. Never mind, we managed to find plenty of beers elsewhere. 


  1. I've been to The Watermill Inn before they installed the brewery. Do they still have 8 beer engines in the front bar, and 8 in the back? The CEO of APRK has been 'round a bit.

  2. I'm impressed. They've got two bars, each with lots of beer engines. They had a lot of their own beers on and some guests too, not sure how many at one time though. Further investigation may be called for ...