Tuesday 4 August 2009

A post about wine

Whilst it seems every other online beer nerd is at the Great British Beer Festival I'm going to post about wine.

Aside from an occasional glass of fizzy the only wine I normally drink comes with the prefix 'barley'. But on the way back from Cornwall I couldn't miss the chance to pop into an establishment fondly thought of by many a Glaswegian alcoholic: Buckfast Abbey, the home of 'Buckie' tonic wine. 

It's a picturesque looking place. I'm sure it must help the monks contemplate the glory of god. Well, when they're not doing his work producing a steady supply of 'Buckie' for Glaswegian winos that is. 

I picked up a small bottle but I can't tell you what it tastes like as I haven't managed to bring myself to drink it yet. Still, it's something to look forward to. Or should that be 'hide at the back of the cupboard in case of emergencies'?


  1. I'm ashamed to admit I have never tried Buckie, even though my teenage mates used to buy the odd bottle of it. Ok, maybe ashamed is a bit strong, but I think I'm ready to try it now!

  2. I've been curious about it for years but now I've got a (small) bottle I'm a bit wary of opening it. I think I'll have to find some friends (or should that be victims?) to share it with.

  3. Admit it, you're afraid of what might happen if you drink it alone (I would be :D). You'll end up seeking out a park bench for the night...

  4. I was just a bit concerned it would taste rubbish, but I'm really worried now. Perhaps as a precaution I'd better put all the clothes I own on before drinking it, and perhaps keep all my belongings close to hand in a shopping trolley too.

  5. Well you can share it with me if you like :-)