Wednesday 26 August 2009

Should I stay or should I go?

One of my mates is organising a pub crawl to tick some Good Beer Guide pubs. I'd have to take a day off work and after the pounding my liver has taken recently I'm not sure I could cope. Am I being a wuss?

Here's the plan:

0900 breakfast cafe centrale woking

1000 train to southampton

1100 ticking (dolphin, richmond inn, kolebka, guide dog)

1300 (tbc) taxi journey

1305 ticking (park inn, wellington arms, waterloo arms, giddy bridge*, cricketers arms, south western arms)

1800 (tbc) train

1830 possible ticking stop (winchester)

2100 fight/puke outside kebab shop (woking)

*may be wetherspoons pub and therefore ticking of establishment is optional.

I'll put up a poll so you can vote.


  1. Now you're talking! I'd be all over that! Let me share a drinking secret, especially if you're going to go over ten pints. After the 3rd pint, take about a 45 minute rest and drink some water. Buy a bunch of little bottles and bring them in a small travel bag. Eat something light as well. Then start again. Keep hydrating yourself every 2-3 hours. This will pay dividends the next day. I no longer do marathons without breakies and water. It works wonders.

  2. Wise words but I'm not sure breaks are allowed in the ticking time table. These trips are planned with military precision to maximise the number of pubs visited and I don't think water breaks are factored in.