Sunday 25 April 2010

Back to the beer garden

There was no doubt this weekend that Spring has sprung. The lovely Lisa and I went for a walk round Newlands Corner and Silent Pool, the site of Agatha Christie's mysterious disappearance

Having worked up a thirst we trotted down to the nearest pub only to find it was shut. No doubt the locals were enjoying conjugal relations with their close relatives rather than keeping the beer flowing. 

We don't give in easily though so we moved on to one of our favourite pubs with a beer garden, The Jolly Farmer in Worplesden. Sitting in the sun, with a cracking pint of Pride in my hand, I couldn't help but thing what a great term 'beer garden' is. It's got that whole connotation of being somewhere pleasant and homely, where you'd want to sit on a sunny day, and with the added benefit of  beer! I don't think I'd want my house to be a public house, but I'd like to think of my garden as a beer garden.