Friday 16 April 2010

Top ten bottled beers in Britain

Here's Britain's top ten bottled beers, with the % market share.  

• Newcastle Brown 8.8%
• Old Speckled Hen 8.8% 
• Hobgoblin 4.0% 
• London Pride 3.9% 
• Old Peculier 3.1%  
• Spitfire 2.8%  
• Bombardier 2.5%  
• Pedigree 2.3%
• Abbott Ale 2.1%
• Black Sheep 2.0% 

In the bottled beer market it seems lager doesn't even get a look in. 

Well done to Curmudgeon for what I think was the best guess


  1. I suspect the list excludes lagers, tbh.

    Well done to me for getting five of the ten :-)

  2. I think it's in the cans where lager cleans up, with John Smith's and Guinness being the only ales in the top ten.

  3. They sell a lot of multipacks of stuff like Bud and Stella, though.

  4. The bloke giving the talk said the list was beers in general, so bottled lager sales are just low, but he was reading from someone else's notes so it's possible he got the wrong end of the stick. I'll have snoop round the lager end of my local supermarket and see how the bottled lager section compares to the bottled ales...

  5. Despite the oft-heard maxim that dark beers don't sell, it's interesting that three of the top five are dark.

  6. There are quite a few dark ones in there aren't there. Maybe tastes are shifting back to the dark side.