Sunday 22 August 2010

A beer banquet

We had a family do on Saturday and were all asked to bring some food to share. The lovely Lisa had the brainwave of cooking some beer based food which sounded like an excellent idea to me. Though I'm not one for the beer and food pairing which seems popular with my fellow beer bloggers I do enjoy it when I see food made with beer.      

Here's what we brought:

Chicken liver and Titanic stout pate

Slow cooked gammon in alcoholic ginger beer

Beer bread made with Badger's Fursty Ferret

Here's a lovely pair of baps 

Birra misu made with Lee's Harvest Ale

Porter cake made with one of my own beers

All went down very nicely and I'm sure we'll be cooking some of these dishes again soon. 

As to what I drank with the meal, I'm afraid I had a beer nerdery failure. I haven't got into the beer and food pairing thing, so I finished off the glass of fizzy I'd been given on arrival and that was it. There was a good fight card lined up for the IPA challenge later on so I wasn't letting the side down entirely.  


  1. yummy, how did the gammon in ginger beer work? ive done it in cider before but never ginger beer..

  2. the gammon was fantastic, lovely flavour to the meat and lisa put an excellent glaze on it too.