Saturday 14 August 2010

Woman's hour

There as piece on Woman's hour yesterday about the rise of female ale drinkers. Having just said how dubious I am about the benefits of promoting the 'beer is healthy' message the item was first introduced with the 'surprise fact' that beer is less fattening than wine. So I've now revised my opinion and will be posting my new article 'Beer: it won't make your bum bigger' soon. 

A woman from Prospect brewery and noted beer expert Melissa Cole talked about beer being good for you and had three beers with a range of flavours to taste.

The presenter sounded a bit wary to me and I'm not sure if she actually tried any of the beers on offer. But it was something positive about beer on national radio and if it helps get more women drinking beer it can only be a good thing. 


  1. Does this pint make my bum look big? :D

  2. It seems booze makes you smart! Although sadly for us it's goody two shoes wine not beer or spirits. However the good news is that abstinence makes you more stupid