Friday 3 June 2011

The Session #52: Beer Collectables and Breweriana

"The Session" is one of the many things in the beer blogging world that I didn't understand. A spate of blogs on the same subject would appear on the same day but it seemed to me to be missing the point. Surely beer blogging is all about putting down your own self indulgent ramblings? And isn't a session something that takes place in the pub?
Then one was announced that got me pondering so I've decided to join in.
"Beer Collectables and Breweriana" is the theme. Nope, don't have any of that I thought. Various bits from beer festival tombolas, things from the goodies bag given out at the Fuller's Fine Ale club do I suppose, but nothing that really counts as collectable or breweriana.
Then I remember I do have something. The one glass in my cupboard I never use: a glass I inherited from my late father. It's from Covent Garden beer festival in 1975, CAMRA's first national beer festival.

I am a second generation beer bore, which I suspect makes me a bit of a rarity amongst beer bloggers.
Some people think there is a beer revolution taking place in Britain now, which seems to be a small number of elitists dedicated to making strong hoppy beer available to snobs.

But back when I were a lad my dad was fighting a real beer revolution - a mass movement of people dedicated to making decent beer available to the masses.

Now there's a revolution I can drink to!

This month's session is hosted by All Over Beer.


  1. Wonderful! I'm sure CAMRA would like to know about this; makes a good story in 40th anniversary year...

  2. I note that the glass refers to an 'Exhibition'. My first brush with CAMRA was an 'Exhibition of Fine Ales' in the Everyman, Liverpool. So the name 'Beer Festival' was a later idea.

  3. Good point, the one in Farnham is still called a beer exhibition.

  4. I have one of those, and I went there. I worked in Covent Garden then. Mind you my glass is scratched and chipped so not going to be much of an antique

  5. Predictable Bob3 June 2012 at 18:38

    I was clearing the loft the other week and found the SIX glasses I acquired while working at the Covent Garden Festival in 1975 !

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