Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Getting RATted

We went on the Real Ale Train on Saturday. We got to sit in an old railway carriage drinking bright beer out of plastic skiffs. Sounds a bit rubbish really doesn't it? But for some reason it was great fun.

I don't know if it's the fact it's a steam train that adds to the fun. Not being the train spotting type I'm not entirely convinced, though it helps with the atmosphere. Having beer from top local breweries helps too, but the beers weren't at their best.

I think it's just getting out and doing something different but still getting to blather on whilst getting bladdered that does it.


  1. Some of the best beer we've had was on a train on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway. It was a great pint made all the better by the novelty of the surroundings. We had proper glasses, though, and I don't think it was bright. (The train pootles along slow enough that I guess it doesn't need to be?)

  2. Wow! A mobile entry in the GBG! I'm impressed.