Thursday, 13 September 2012

Heritage open day in Farnham

At the weekend we were able to take advantage of the Heritage Open Days. The lovely Lisa had spotted that a Farnham hop kiln at Hone's Yard was open to the public and there was no way I could miss that.

The round kiln had  lost its top but I was still glad to see it. Even better was the fact a volunteer was there who had researched the history of Farnham hops himself and he had a selection of pictures with him.

The boy is now 61 and a friend of the kiln's owner

Hops still grown on poles, not wires here

Hops were grown right up to Farnham town centre.
The hop ground now has a Waitrose and car park on it. 

They were filling hop pockets just like this in a hop garden I went to on Tuesday.  

This is a hole were the hop pockets would be filled. 

On the way to Weyhill

It was great to meet another Farnham hop fan and he was a lovely guy. There was more hop based excitement to be had though, and we popped into the hop room at the Farnham museum (which is itself a hop growers house dating from 1718).

After that we'd worked up a thirst so it was time for a beer. And which pub did we go to? The Hop Blossom of course. 

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