Saturday 29 September 2012

SIBA SE beer competition 2012

I briefly made it to the rescheduled SIBA SE beer competition yesterday. Driving through London is such a pleasant experience I wonder why I don't do it more often. When I finally got to the venue they'd already started announcing the results. Good job I'd got there though as we won two silvers and a bronze.

Then I had a swift half of unfined beer (it tasted fine but did have a slight haze), chatted to someone that actually noticed the Brett in my Imperial Russian Stout and then spent two hours crawling home* from South London.

* When I say home I did actually call in at The Crown first, and yes I did have a swifty, but I had beer to deliver too so really I was still working.


  1. Has there been any demand for your Imperial Russian? :-D

  2. Well they say there's no demand but then people start demanding it so how can there be no demand? ;-)