Tuesday 26 February 2013

Yorkshire! Yorkshire!

I've a feeling I've used that post title before but it seems appropriate as I've had a Yorkshire based drinking weekend, and all without going North of the Thames. 

On Saturday it was the Yorkshire beer festival at the Bricklayers Arms. The pub was full of cottagers so we had to sit outside in the cold. A pint of Naylor's Claret and Amber would have warmed my heart but they didn't have it. The low temperature meant the beer lacked flavour and when we saw snow flakes falling we knew it was time to move on.

Dan in a hood
We ended up in a nearby Young's pub, where the Special seemed surprisingly good, though the fact I didn't have to break the ice on my pint to drink it may have affected my judgment. I would have gone for Winter Warmer if they'd had it, as I certainly needed warming, though the the closest they had was Ram Rod. According to the bar staff this is never drunk on its own but only mixed with Special. I had to pass though as it came from the fridge and I'd had enough of chilled beer.

After this we briefly returned to the Bricklayers and huddled round the pasty cabinet to try and get warm but it didn't really work and we decided it was time to go for some food.

Sunday was a bit different for me, as I was actively trying to watch a football match. It's not the sort of thing I  usually do but as it was quite possibly the most important match since 1911 I made an exception. I even seriously considered going to a keg only pub, as they seem to be the places that have Sky sports on, but in the end decided to stay at  home with some decent beer and listen to the radio. Probably just as well as in a  closely fought contest Bradford were pipped to the post, losing by the narrow margin of five goals to nil.

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  1. It was a good festival but strange having to warm up your beer before drinking!