Sunday 20 October 2013

Culture Shock

I was back in the big smoke on Saturday. I went to see Culture Shock, who I rather disturbingly last saw 23 years ago.

Along the way I managed to pick up a book on German history, something my knowledge is rather lacking in, much like my knowledge of German beers. I'm sure I'll soon be alle macht den rätening with the best of 'em but increasing my beer knowledge may take longer. There are so many German breweries I've never really got to grips with what's hot and what's not, except maybe for wheat beers.

We stopped at a 'Spoons on the way, which I'd prepared for by packing a wad of discount vouchers I liberally distributed amongst my friends. There was an 8.5% ABV version of Abbot Ale on draught but I didn't want to risk making a tit of myself later so I steered clear of it. I had Innis and Gun IPA instead which was a bit too odd for me, I don't think oaky and hoppy mix well.


A bottle of Nigerian Guinness accompanied my pre-gig curry, which was alright but not as good as FES. I couldn't see any mention of sorghum on the label but I believe that's the main grain it's made from.

After that I resigned myself to cans of lager whilst watching the band. A delightful surprise waited for me  in the room the band were in though as they had vegan Redemption Hopspur on. As the good lord saw fit to bring beer to perfection in its fined cask form I don't really approve of dicking around with it by leaving out the finings, but despite a slight haze the beer was great and a vast improvement on the crap Polish lager I'd been drinking previously. Perhaps the band were behind it as they opened their set with Pressure, a tirade against the horrors of extraneous CO2.

OK I made that bit up but it was good to see cask beer there.

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