Tuesday 15 October 2013

X In Search Of Sucker Juice

On Saturday I went in search of sucker juice. The latest beer in Fuller's Past Masters series was out, as well a new Imperial Stout. The Past Masters beer was pricey, but I do like beer history so couldn't resist. The Imperial Stout though ticked all the boxes for sucker juice: strong, limited edition, unusual ingredient, with it's very own cardboard box and of course bloody expensive. I did think long and hard about getting a bottle of that but in the end decided if I'm making a trip to Chiswick I might as well.

Sadly it was not to be. Despite Chiswick appearing to be part of a bustling metropolis, it seems it is in fact a hotbed of inbreeding and the Brewery shop was shut, with a note pinned to the door saying they couldn't sell beer as they were busy playing banjos with their family.

Fortunately I had a route back planned with plenty of beery delights. Our first stop was Realale.com, which turned out to be a surprisingly long and tedious journey, though I was pleased to see the Stag Brewery for the first time when we went through Mortlake.

I hadn't found a decent parking spot so we didn't stay long, but long enough for my rucksack to get satisfyingly heavier and my wallet disturbingly lighter.

Then it was on to Twickenham and Noble Green Wines.They were having a beery event so I chatted briefly to a few people I knew then it was more beers in the bag.

Having spent hours building up my beer stocks I spent the rest of the weekend doing my best to run them down, which I may well blah on about later.


  1. We cracked in the end and ordered cases of both the new Past Masters and the Imperial Stout. Turns out we might be Fuller's 'fans'. Yikes.

    1. So am I but I must be tighter as I'm only going to get a bottle of each! Though having said that if I'm impressed I'll be back for more later.

  2. I've been planning a bike ride over to the Griffin Brewery for a couple of weeks now. I can't use the excuse of a beer shortage any more though, as my German beer cellar finally turned up on a lorry on Saturday so it's more a shortage of cellar space than beer.

  3. At the moment I'd phone first, the noted on the door said they were open till 1pm.