Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Crafties are worse so ner

Pete Brown's recent talk at the GBBF got my attention. Or the rather sensationalist way the Morning Advertiser reported it did. Red Nev got properly hacked off by it but I was highly suspicious of the spin from the Morning Advertiser. I just got to pondering which were worse for bad mouthing the other side: craft beer fans or real ale fans? So I put a poll up, and in a surely statistically insignificant study have found that over 75% of people think the crafties are worse. This also backs up my own prejudices so seems a prefectly correct result to me.

But this only leads to more pondering. I mean I do take the piss out of crafties at times, but only when they're asking for it. Which I fear may put me down at the same playground level as the crafties that wind me up. Oh dear, perhaps Pete had a point after all: "Kumbayar, my Lord, kumbayar..."

1 comment:

  1. The only virtuous drinkers are the cheapo lager drinkers.

    Craft Wankers and Real Ale Twats are as bad as each other.