Tuesday 9 August 2016


Rejoice beer geeks! Finally the question of what is craft beer in Britain has been resolved. The Society of Independent Brewers have launched an Assured Independent British Craft Brewer initiative.

I did start reading the details but got bored so didn't get very far. Still, I'm sure it will revolutionise beer in Britain. Or something. Anyway, just look out the logo and be happy that beers showing it are officially awesome.


  1. I can't see your stereotypical crafty being too keen with Arkells, Felinfoel, Black Sheep, Holts and Robinsons being on the list.

    1. No, but then trying to use an American term doesn't always translate over here. SIBA adopting the term is probably the only way Craft Beer is going to get any official definition over here, which some people think is important. Not me though.

  2. So missing the point..., SICBA ( the society of independent CRAFT brewers ) must be seething, if they existed

  3. I'm sure I remember being at a SIBA AGM where this kind of thing was squarely dismissed by the members. And at council, for that matter. Obviously I'm wrong and none of that ever happened. Yay! for a professional marketing team.