Monday 28 March 2022

The hills of Haworth

 It came as a surprise to me that Haworth is famous for being where the Brontës are from. I had no idea and first visited because it had a Timothy Taylor's pub with accommodation close to the brewery. When some mountaineering friends of mine suggested a trip there I accepted without hesitation and once again my enthusiasm was nothing to do with the Brontës. I've come to the realisation over the last few years that Landlord is the best beer in Britain, and therefore the world, so chances to drink it on its home turf are not to be missed. 

The journey up north was more arduous than expected so on arrival I was in need of something to lift my spirits and refresh me. Particularly something that comes in pint sized measures. So when some of my mates headed out to a hotel bar for some food I tagged along confident that no self respecting bar in Haworth wouldn't have Landlord on. 

When I saw the pump clip proudly displayed I thought I could start to hear angels singing, but it was probably just tinnitus as the beer was bleedin' well on the turn. This would not do. So when we headed back to the hostel I knew I wouldn't be stopping long, I had unfinished business. 

As my mates settled into the lounge I was busy on google maps: The Fleece Inn was less than a mile away and I knew what I had to do. My mates may be mountaineers but I have a calling higher than any mountain for I am a #PubMan. So as they opened their bottles I set off alone down the hill to get some beer served as god intended. 

I've climbed enough mountains myself to know that going down is all well and good but it generally involves an equal amount of going up. And sure enough after hot footing it into town and across a railway bridge I came to a delightful cobbled street that seemed to involve an awful lot of up. It takes more than that to stop me though so I pressed on and after a brief eternity reached my goal:

They seemed to have all the Taylor's beer on, and slightly disturbingly a guest beer. What's all that about? Maybe Taylor's put one on occasionally to remind the local #PubPeople that they never need to leave town. Of course I only had eyes for one beer.  I've learnt my lesson about wasting my time on Boltmaker before so it was Landlord for me. Glorious it was and the second one was even better. 

I headed back after that as some of my friends I hadn't seen in months I'd spent all of five minutes with. And do you know what? I must have been refreshed as the walk back seemed a lot quicker.

Sunday 20 March 2022

A tick in the nick

When it comes to pub ticking I am a modest man with much to be modest about. My high point would be being an Isle of Man compleator 2017. My low point would be when BRAPA Si ticked the Horse and Groom in Chobham before me. It's about three miles from my house whereas Si lives 200 miles away. 

But being in Liverpool when I learnt that the Bridewell was CAMRA branch pub of the year I had to seize the opportunity and go for a pint.

It used to be a police station and that's it's now been converted into a pub surely shows that there's hope for humanity. You get to drink in what were cells:

The gaffer clearly keeps and eye out for people peering at pumpclips as he made us very welcome. And at the risk of being arrested by the pun police I have to say the beer was in good nick!