Wednesday 3 June 2009

CAMRA says no!

No extraneous CO2ery here!

Two months ago I posted about what I thought could be the first cracks in CAMRA's long held opposition to artificially adding CO2 to beer.

A motion was being put to the CAMRA AGM proposing that they drop their rejection of cask breathers, the mildest way of adding 'extraneous CO2' to beer as it has no discern able effect on flavour whilst greatly increasing the shelf life.

The CAMRA stalwarts were having none of it however and the brief report in What's Brewing simply says motion was defeated.

Oh well. For my own beers I take a pragmatic position and use extraneous CO2 when I need to but don't when I don't need to. As the late Bruce Lee put it: 'Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless'. Though admittedly he probably wasn't talking about CO2 at the time.


  1. The motion was written in such poor terms that it never stood a chance I'd say.

  2. He does look like he's in full rant mode doesn't he?

    Tandleman: Did you go to the members weekend? I wonder how the debate on the motion went. I can see why cask breathers are a problem for CAMRA as they might be seen as the thin end of the wedge. Still, it's good to see they're being discussed.

  3. I think this really highlights the ignorance amongst CAMRA stalwarts. I bet there are the kind of people who don't own a TV because it betrays their loyalty to the wireless, and microwave ovens just arn't proper