Sunday 21 June 2009

The Fox and Hounds, Lyndhurst

On Saturday we went to Lyndhurst. Unfortunately it seemed everyone else in Hampshire had also decided to go there so it was a bit busy. When we'd finally got parked we wandered past the constantly crawling streams of traffic checking out the pubs: two were Greene King and One was Enterprise Inns so nothing inspiring. I did get beeped and waved by an old sparring partner* from my Thai boxing club, as we wandered though. I guess there were that many people crawling by I was bound to pass someone I knew.

We went for the Fox and Hounds where we had more Ringwood beers and some typical pub food.

Then it was back for another afternoon nap. Sadly this wasn't enough to revive the lovely Lisa for another evening's beer research so we decided to bog off back home. Oh well, it did mean I got to indulge the craving that had built up for seeing some quality violence by watching the latest UFC.

* Though I say 'sparring partner' it would probably be more accurate to say he regularly used me as a punch bag. Muay thai online still have him down as the number one heavy weight in Britain, though he's fought more to K1 kickboxing rules and has tried his hand at mixed martial arts recently.

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