Wednesday, 13 July 2011

An old tradition

It's a tradition, or an old charter, or something that when I come back from holiday something will have gone horribly wrong at the brewery.

The best example of this (if it can be called best) was when a power surge blew up my computer and knocked out all the electricity. This time though, as my phone had remained silent during our trip to the lake district, I was quietly confident. When the lovely Lisa wondered if anything had happened I reassured her it must be fine. How little did I know.

I got my first inkling that something was wrong when I pulled into work and saw we'd acquired a hire van. Our van was parked along side, but I know it's a bit old so I figured it must have broken down. When I saw the back of the van I realised the situation was a bit more serious.

There are two lessons to be learnt here:

One: just because you haven't heard any bad news don't assume all is well


Two: if you're in a high van don't drive under low barriers.