Saturday, 9 July 2011

Kipling Groove

This is not, as might be expected on a beer blog, a post about having a good time with a plentiful supply of Thornbridge beer. This one is about climbing.

On Saturday I got up Kipling Groove (HVS 5a), a classic route on Gimmer Crag in Langdale that I've been keen to climb for years. It was first climbed by Arthur Dolphin, who called the route Kipling as it was "ruddy 'ard"! I wouldn't disagree, as the top pitch was strenuous and sustained.

Traditionally a celebratory beer should have been had at the ODG but it was getting late when I got down from the crag and I wanted my dinner. Rest assured though, a pint or three did find its way down my neck that night.


  1. Have you tried Nils God Lager? I do recommend it.

  2. But it's lager innit? And anyway, I'm an atheist.